Offer water often (it helps regulate body temperature)

Kids can usually play outside comfortably when it’s 30F and higher just layer their clothing and make sure they wear hats and mittens. Offer water often (it helps regulate body temperature) replica oakley sunglasses, and watch for signs that they’re getting chilled. If they’re shivering, bring them inside even if they insist they’re fine.

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cheap oakleys And, yes, you can make change at any time so deciding to make resolutions on New Year’s Day is somewhat arbitrary. But, still, I can’t help but feel excited every time the New Year is approaching, and I guess my love of list making draws me to scribbling down some goals. So, while the idea of making resolutions has its flaws, in the spirit of New Years, I’ve listed out (I really do enjoy making lists) some resolution ideas for college students.. cheap oakleys

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